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Upstruction Game

Upstruction Game

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  • Do you have what it takes to work the high steel and win?

Use your I-Beams to reach for the sky. Use the Stop Work Signs to block your opponent and the Crossbars to turn their work into yours. As you build, your worker climbs higher and higher. But beware… One beam placed out of balance, and the whole thing could collapse!

Roll the die to decide which action to take. Roll I-Beam to add one of your I-Beams to the structure. Roll a Stop Work Sign to block your opponent. Roll a Crossbeam to build off your opponent's structure. Game ends when either one player runs out of I-Beams or the structure tumbles. Player whose worker figurine is placed the highest wins. If the structure tumbles, the player who did not cause it to tumble wins.

  • Game of connecting I-Beams to build the tallest structure without tumbling
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, problem-solving, strategy skills, creativity
  • High-quality materials - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay!
  • Includes: 30 I-Beams in red and white, 6 Crossbeams, 2 Workers, base, T-stand, one die, Detailed game rules and instructions
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