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Museum Suspects Game

Museum Suspects Game

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  • STRATEGY TABLETOP BOARD GAME: Museum Suspects is a game of deductions by renowned author Phil Walker-Harding. This top rated board game has a colorful table presence with a beautifully illustrated mystery / crime theme and is made of high-quality cards and cardboard tokens.
  • FAMILY OR ADULT STRATEGY GAME: This 2 to 4 player investigation game can be enjoyed by parents playing with their children as well as adults, also plays very well as a 2 players game. Best recommended for ages 8 & Up.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Museum Suspects is a deduction game using betting and bluffing mechanics. You have 6 turns to try to identify the suspect (sometimes there will be more than one suspects and sometimes the suspect will have escaped). Each turn pick a clue, place a value onto it, fill out your detective sheet by eliminating suspects, and then bet on one of the suspects hiding the value of the bet. Use tokens numbered 1 to 6 to value the clues and bet on suspects.
  • At the end of the 6th rounds, reveal all the clues and find out who the suspect(s) is (are). Players check the value of the token they have placed on the suspects and the player with the highest bets wins.
  • Museum Suspects is easy to play for families enjoying other Blue Orange classic award winning board games like Photosynthesis, Planet, Kingdomino and other Phil Walker-Harding games like Cloud City, Neoville.
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